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New Generation Turkish Living Room Carpet [Ethnic]

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New Generation Turkish Living Room Carpet [Ethnic]

New Generation Turkish Living Room Carpet are made of 70% Cotton 30% Polyester.

Our product have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and it does not contain chemicals substance that harm human health. Dangerous substances such as yarn and feathers do not stick to your food and kitchenware. It is more important to for our health that a product is healthy and safe, beyond the best.

Production: Our New Generation Turkish Living Room Carpet are non slip-based. The back cloth is made from recycled cotton fabric. The desired pattern are given to the carpet formed by laminating the back surface with the special printing technique. You can choose the right product for your home and office with our many size options.

Washing and Maintenance: All our carpets can be washed in washing machine at 30 degrees. It can be dried at low temperature. It has the ability to absorb water very well. Easy to clean. It can be swept easily. Compared to thin rugs, it has a high weight and non-slip backing, so there’s no difficulty when vacuum sweeping.

> The biggest advantage of this type of rug, which is called the new generation carpet, is that it is thin and decorative. Since there is no heating problem in homes, carpets have been used as a decoration tool rather than heating. New Generation Turkish Carpet, each more beautiful than the other, will ad excitement to every home. You can use this rug in the dining room, entryway, hallway, floor mat, and many other areas of your home.

Easy to Clean:
Thanks to its simple use, carpets are easy to clean. Sturdy materials also withstand worse crashes and are extremely durable. Tested to contain harmful substances.

Easy Delivery:
We deliver the carpet you want directly to your door. You do not need to collect our carpets in a packing station or similar places. Your carpet wrapped and packed in a package will arrive safely!

Line the Carpet Neatly:
Does your carpet have unpleasant wrinkles and waves? Don’t worry, while our rugs are being rolled up, it takes a while to become completely smooth. Roll the carpet outwards a few times to speed up the process for a while.

Usage of Use:
Living room, Dining room, Bedroom, Corridors, Kids Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bathtub adn sink in front, Office, Patio.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 58 × 15 × 45 cm

100x200cm[39x79inch], 120x180cm[47x71inch], 150x200cm[59x79inch], 80x150cm[31x59inch]


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